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Single room 140 USD
Double room 175 USD
Single room 80 USD
Double room 95 USD

Uzbekistan hotels

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Ramada Tashkent Hotel, Tashkent

Ramada Tashkent Hotel

1, Abdulla Kodiriy street,Tashkent

Superior Single 140 USD

Superior Double 175 USD

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Le Grande Plaza Hotel, Tashkent

Le Grande Plaza Hotel

2, Uzbekiston Ovozi Street 100047, Tashkent

Superior Single 80 USD

Superior Double 95 USD

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Asia Samarkand Hotel, Samarkand

Asia Samarkand Hotel

50, Kosh-Havuz st., Samarkand, Uzbekistan,140100

Single 70 USD

Double 100 USD

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Grand Samarkand Hotel, Samarkand

Grand Samarkand Hotel

38, B. Yalangtush Street, Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Single room 65 USD

Double room 100 USD

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Amelia Boutique Hotel, Bukhara

Amelia Boutique Hotel

1, Bozor Hoja street, Bukhara, Uzbekistan

Deluxe Single 65 USD

Deluxe Double 85 USD

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Omar Hayam Hotel, Bukhara

Omar Hayam Hotel

7, Haqiqat Street, Bukhara, Uzbekistan

Single room 75 USD

Double room 90 USD

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Malika Khiva Hotel, Khiva

Malika Khiva Hotel

19A, P.Kori Street Khiva, Uzbekistan

Single room 55 USD

Double room 80 USD

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Khorezm Palace Hotel, Urgench

Khorezm Palace Hotel

2, Al-Beruni Street, Khiva, Uzbekistan

Single room 55 USD

Double room 100 USD

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Toj Mahal Hotel, Ferghana

Toj Mahal Hotel

38/50, Marifat str., Fergana

Single 30 USD

Double 45 USD

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